NEWS FLASH: Join IEN at our INTERFAITH CLIMATE VIGIL, December 3, 2015, to mark the Paris Climate Talks!

NEWS FLASH: Enjoy this amazing and inspiring video of IEN’s 2nd Annual Clergy Climate Preach-In which took place at The Sanctuary on February 8th, 2015 [Video by Al Braden]:

Welcome to the Interfaith Environmental Network, where people of different faiths in the Austin, Texas area come together to claim the common call of environmental stewardship.

Town Lake Rowers

We strive to strengthen our communities through shared service, learning, and influence on public policy related to caring for the earth.

Formed in early 2009 and led by an interim Steering Committee of clergy and lay members, our formal launch was marked by an exciting event – Claiming Our Common Ground. A Steering Committee guides our growth and development with input from our general membership.

This grassroots effort is fueled by the involvement of all who care for this good earth and whose concern is framed by their faith. We warmly welcome the blessing of YOUR participation and membership

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