Dick Pierce on His February 2012 Presentation

From the Desk of Dick Pierce -- Austin's lead Permaculture teacher, long-term advocate for local food and community-building, and a co-founder of the exciting, successful Citizen Gardener Program. See a short video interview with Dick here

Please join us for the IEN February 7th Symposium on Local Food and Gardening and Gardens in the Faith-Based Community. The topic is oh so timely as Austin's unique planting season is mid-January thru mid-March. Faith-Based Gardens and Community Gardens are making major contributions to the food movement: nutritious local food, great outdoor exercise, a chance to help lower income families, and an opportunity to build community and collaboration. Learn what church groups are doing in Austin and other cities; how gardens are adding to existing feeding and outreach programs, youth education, Senior activities, and how congregations are collaborating to bring resources - land, volunteers, food kitchens, food banks/pantries, support groups and education, funding, and expertise - together for success and impact.

Dick Pierce

Local Food and Faith-Based Gardens. Faith-based gardens are special - there is usually a built-in need/desire to feed people and give them access to healthy food; there is often land and resources available for gardens, classrooms for teaching, and kitchens to prepare meals to celebrate success; and, there is often a group of energetic people willing to form, plan, propose, and implement a garden effort. These folks can learn by doing at their church garden and then head home to plan/plant their own garden plots. It's a simple, satisfying, synergistic win-win-win project to me.

My talk will highlight a few of the faith-based gardening efforts and successes in Austin and other cities. We'll review the reasons for getting started now at your church, the local people and groups that can help you get going, and what joys, satisfactions, results can be anticipated from such a program. We'll focus on what seem to be the keys to success so far in Faith-based Gardens in Austin and Central Texas.

Faith Based Gardening!

I would like to be sure that all members of the IEN have gardens and local food on their list of projects to be considered and would like to elevate gardening to a priority project. By way of introduction, I have been involved with gardens and garden education in Austin for 15 years - on the Boards of Austin Community Gardens, The Sustainable Food Center, and Austin Organic Gardening; a Permaculture/Sustainability teacher for over 10 years; and a co-founder of the Citizen Gardener Program for Austin, now a program of Sustainable Food Center with about 400 graduates who have given back thousands of hours in volunteer time. I am delighted with the creation of the Interfaith Environmental Network (IEN) and have worked with several members on successful projects in the past. The IEN to me can be/should be a driving force for gardens, local food, and food security in our region. Thank you, Dick Pierce

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