Energy Action Team Symposium



The Interfaith Environmental Network and its Energy Action Team invite you to its First Tuesday Symposium at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.

This month, the topic is Energy Efficiency!

Exciting, eh?  Well, other than the fact that Energy Efficiency is:

  • The fastest way to meet our energy needs,
  • The most economical of all available energy resources,
  • The lowest risk investment a congregation, or a utility can make,
  •  Available to all energy users (including you and your business),
  • The best provider of LOCAL jobs and economic development,
  • The kindest to the local and global environment,
  • The PATH to and all-renewable, low carbon, sustainable future,
  • The best energy investment in increasing our local self-reliance,

Why should I care about Energy Efficiency?

And anyway, what more could I possibly learn about becoming a powerful practitioner and PROMOTER of Energy Efficiency?

Well, partner, come and find out.  We’ll talk about some connections and opportunities you may find surprising (and challenging, but there’s help available for that).

And if you come and don’t find it intriguing and informative, with at least two new implementable ideas on “moving the [Energy Efficiency] ball up the field”, they you get ALL your money back.  Is that a sweet deal, or WHAT?

The Symposium will be visual and interactive, and orchestrated by Climate Buddies’ co-founder Bob Murray, and some surprise guests.

So start writing down your questions, and post the event your calendars, Tuesday, May 1st, 7:00-8:30pm, at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (map available at

For more information, contact Climate Buddies’ co-founders Patty Stephens ( or Bob Murray (


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