Free Congregational Climate Audit

IEN Partners with Climate Buddies

A First Step to Climate Positive Congregations

A Free Climate Impact Audit of Your Congregation’s Based on Your
Financial Expenditures

The Interfaith Environmental Network of Austin is seeking to identify congregations interested in receiving a free professional audit of the environmental impact of the congregation’s life and activity as reflected in the way the congregation spends its financial resources.  

The purpose of the audit is to examine the expenditures of a congregation in order to assess the carbon footprint generated by the congregation’s operation on an annual basis. Confidentiality will be maintained in regards to the identity of the congregations who participate in these audits.  

IEN hopes to have several congregations to volunteer to provide a record of their annual financial expenditures so an energy-cost analysis can be completed to help the congregation determine possible measures that could be taken to reduce their carbon footprint.  

These audits will be conducted by an environmental consultant that co-founded Climate Buddies, Joep Meijer, working with IEN’s Energy Action Team on a pro bono basis. Please contact if your congregation is interested in participating in this free environmental audit or if you would like more information about the audit.     


IEN has started an Energy Action Team that has the ambition to work with congregations to define a blueprint of successful strategies in becoming climate positive. We are selecting congregations based on readiness to be part of that journey. In 2012 we will be working with congregations in the Central Texas area that are willing to be an exemplar for like minded congregations locally and nationally and have an active Energy and Climate action group of 7 or more members to see that the process and results get documented in terms of what works and doesn't at each stage of adoption. This invitation is a non-binding request to start monitoring our current Energy and Climate impact and to learn where the most important areas of improvements can be found. We have a need to start to quantify a benchmark based on where congregations spend money. We can translate that into en Energy and Climate impact statement.

The IEN Energy Action Team meets on a weekly basis and is open for participation at any time. Please reach out to for more information. 

About Climate Buddies

Climate Buddies is an Austin-based non-profit dedicated to healing mother earth’s Climate by fostering grass roots environmental movements to maintain conditions for thriving and flourishing human life for both current and future generations. Climate Buddies empowers people to include climate change considerations into every decision they make. We focus on live interaction with groups of people, for-profits, spiritual groups, public and academia.

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