Mayor Leffingwell’s New Campaign Promise, “Austin to Quit Coal”

In 2010, The Interfaith Environmental Network joined with local environmental, business, and community groups to endorse Austin Energy’s Generation Resource and Climate Protection Plan 2010-2020 and endorse the citizen Task Force recommendations for improving the Plan as quickly as possible. 

Some in the community, such as IEN coordinator Chris Searles, pushed for even more clean energy progress asserting that Austin could quit its reliance on coal in ways that lower local electricity costs as early as 2015. 

On November 16th 2011, Mayor Lee Leffingwell heard the call and joined the ranks for quitting coal, asap. 

In a reelection campaign announcement, the Mayor pledged to “begin a dialogue with the community, with Austin Energy, with the LCRA, and with state officials, about how to make Austin coal-free — and aggressively plan a date to achieve that goal.” (Read full article here). 

Huge news for environmental stewardship!

Submitted by Chris Searles

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