Pres. Obama to Give Climate Address Tomorrow

Tomorrow, June 25th at 12:35 PM CDT, President Obama will give his first major address on Climate Change. Expected proposals include increased resources for renewables, tougher limits on coal plant carbon emissions and raised fuel efficiency standards for passenger cars and trucks.

Fred Krupp of Environmental Defense wrote the following earlier today in an email to EDF supporters:

We don’t yet know the full details of the President’s plan. But in recent days, White House climate advisor Heather Zichal and other officials have outlined some of the main features.

The centerpiece of the plan is expected to be a proposal to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants, which currently emit about 40% of America’s carbon pollution. The administration is already moving forward with strong standards to limit climate pollution from new power plants and has taken action to double fuel economy standards for passenger cars and trucks.

We also expect President Obama to announce plans to boost renewable energy development on federal land, put standards in place to drive innovation in energy efficiency, and take additional steps to prepare for many of the climate impacts we are already seeing.

Submitted by Steve Folberg

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