Coal or Clean?

What Energy Path should Austinites Take?


Our coalition, including: The Texas Sierra Club, Public Citizen Texas, Environment Texas, the Climate Buddies, Texas Interfaith Power and Light, and Interfaith Environmental Network of Austin, are very strongly recommending the retirement of Austin’s Fayette county coal plant, along with substantial increase in conservation and efficiency programs for Austin Energy customers and expansion of Austin Energy’s very successful wind and solar portfolios.


Re: Video. On Thursday, 12/5/13, Austin Energy (AE) presented a generation plan review to City Council. City Council will update Austin Energy’s electricity “Generation Plan” next year (in 2014). The new generation plan will set the course for determining which energy sources Austnites will use to generate their electricity in the years to come. The video below contains a condensed version of the questions Council had for AE, edited specifically regarding the full report of options for selling or divesting from Austin’s Fayette County coal plant.


Councilors Martinez, Spellman, Morrison and Riley were very clear at the December 5th meeting that their goal is eliminating the emissions from the coal plant entirely, not selling the plant to another entity who would continue running the plant. This condensed video shows all of the Council questioning on this issue.




Re: Fayette County Coal Plant. On June 27, 2013, City Council unanimously issued Council Resolution #66, demanding Austin Energy (AE) deliver a full set of options for eliminating Austin’s Fayette County coal plant from AE’s electricity portfolio in the 2015 to 2018 time frame. That report is due to Council by December 31st, 2013. Austin Energy will make its presentation on the revised Generation Plan to City Council, Tuesday Feb. 4, 2014. Stay Tuned!


The issues at stake will certainly lead to intensive discussions during Q1 - 2014 regarding the energy path Austin will take.


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The full City Council meeting can be seen on line at:




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