Energy Action Team Mission Statement

IEN Energy Action Team (EAT) Mission Statement
Developing a Carbon Positive Pledge Program with Climate Buddies

This group of representatives from Austin’s faith communities has been organized by the Interfaith Environmental Network of Austin to address the challenges and problems we are facing today with global warming and climate change and in opportunities we have to solve these challenges by addressing the future energy needs that exist globally.

Climate Buddies are serving as informed consultants and catalysts for our work together to develop effective, local strategies that individuals and congregations can and should initiate to meet the critical energy challenges we must address in order to build a sustainable future for the global community and that recognizes the interdependence of human life and the well-being of our natural environment. 

The goals of this Energy Action Group include:

  • Awareness building among ourselves and our congregations about the environmental degradation that has and is occurring from our reliance on fossil fuel energy sources and other harmful human activities that impact adverse climate changes,
  • Examining and learning “best practices” for energy conservation, efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy sources at both a personal level and a congregational level,
  • Developing plans and making commitments to reduce our individual and collective carbon emissions, to identify a feasible sustainable energy plan to meet the future energy needs for Texas and Austin, to create a pledge program to encourage our congregations participation in these strategies we identify, and to promote public policies that call for energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy sources as a matter of our faith convictions about caring for the Creation on which our lives depend. 

IEN EAT Progress

  • We have assembled a group of committed volunteers
  • We are education ourselves in Climate Change and positive action
  • We are sharing energy and passion to make a difference
  • We are establishing benchmarks for the most impactful activities from congregations
  • We are offering a free Climate Audit to congregations and have completed several and use it to inform the participating congregations and the IEN Energy Action Team. This offer is open and will not end.
  • We are developing a sense of high leverage strategies to reduce these impacts in three categories 1) conservation, 2) efficiency and 3) increase of the use of renewables
  • We are ranking them on a scale of ease or difficulty for implementation
  • We are developing energy action cards that are executionable to allow congregations to learn from other peoples successes and make it as easy as possible to implement the high leverage strategies
  • We are developing a carbon calculator that is focused on congregations
  • We are developing a Climate Positive Pledge for congregations
  • We are developing leadership in the group to help and guide congregational Energy Action Teams 
  • We are developing a supportive manual for the congregational Energy Action Teams
  • We are developing a pilot program for the first congregations to go through the program and get under way to become Carbon Positive and safe energy
  • We are using the pilot to fine tune our toolkit and process and will open the program up to all Central Texas based congregations

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