Sarah Macias Tar Sands Pipleline Testimony

IEN Steering Committee Member Sarah Macias delivered the following testimony at the Public Hearing on September 29, 2011 at LBJ Library
on the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline

"Thank you for the opportunity to provide input into this review process. I hope and pray that this is not a "done deal" and that the State Department is truly in a season of review and discernment on the merits (both ecologically and economically) of this proposed pipeline. I do appreciate your time and commitment in sorting through the facts while being sensitive to all of the conflicting emotions in this decision.

Sarah Wells Macias, IEN Steering Committee Member

"First of all, there is no doubt that we need jobs. The unemployment figures and the lives and families affected by them is a very real concern. We can all agree on that. There is a common sense principle that I think we can all agree on as well but I will say it slowly so we can absorb it...........sustainable practices lead to a sustainable economy.

"This is so basic: take care of the earth and the earth will take care of you – for how long? As long as we want. "Till it and keep it"- give it what it needs and it will give back. This is not idealist. It is realistic. In fact, it is critical to the health of the planet, to human and non-human creatures, and to our economy.

"The proposed Keystone XL pipeline is not founded on sustainable practices. Yes, I know they will have safety measures in place. Ask the human and non-human members of the ecosystem of the Gulf about safety measures. It only takes on accident, and it will happen. Also, the long term emissions associated with this particular type of extraction of out natural resources is alarming.

"Let's use this as a moment to realign ourselves properly with God's good creation of which we are a part. Let's open our eyes to the fact that clean, sustainable practices are the better, and really the only, option for the long term health of our economy, our children, and our earth.

"When options for job creation involve using up or sucking dry the very resources that the jobs rely on, then it is not going to last forever. It is not a sustainable practice. Jobs from renewable sources are sustainable. They last!

"As human beings, we have great capacity for wisdom and great capacity for foolishness. We can embrace or we can ignore our intended relationship with the rest of creation. We have a choice and whatever the outcome, this will be a defining moment for all of us!"

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