Sierra Club "Beyond Coal" Activist Training!

Activism Opportunity

The Sierra Club has chosen Austin as a core city for its next wave of "Beyond Coal" campaigning. Why Austin? Austin’s broad community has an international reputation for making changes, which benefit the greater good. Why “Beyond Coal?” The overwhelming majority of scientists studying climate change today believe coal plant emissions are the most significant contributor of greenhouse gasses to the earth's atmosphere and that immediate reduction of those emissions is a critical part of mitigating climate change's most severe 21st century impacts. Additionally, "coal" has been shown to cause a long list of "other" deleterious health and eco impacts. 

Last week, the Sierra Club received a $50M donation (!) from Mayor Michael Bloomberg's philanthropic foundation to expand its "Beyond Coal" work. Austin's Sierra Club will be conducting training August 13 and 14 and you are invited to participate!

This training has been designed by the same person responsible for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign and will be led by state level Sierra Club campaigners. 

To sign up for the training visit this online signup page or send an email with questions to campaign organizer Flavia de la Fuente. To learn more about the Sierra's national campaign visit

The training will take place at The Legislative Conference Center, Room E2.002 (lower level of the Capitol Extension) at the State Capitol.

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