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As reported earlier, IEN Steering Committee member Chris Searles has initiated an online petition to call upon Austin City Council to continue to support the Austin Climate Protection Initiative. The petition has now reached its goal of 500 signatures... and counting! Chris reports:

500+ Austinites call for renewal of Climate Protection Plan

On Thursday 2/25/10, Jake Stewart, former manager of the City of Austin's Climate Protection Program, presented a successful petition drive to City Council, urging leaders to renew their commitment to making Austin "the leading the city in the nation" in climate protection. 

Austin first adopted its climate protection plan in March 2007, under a previous mayor and City Council.

The Petition's Objective is to let Austin's leaders know there are plenty of folks who appreciate and support the City's hard work in this regard, and who believe in working-together to achieve as much as possible.

Stewart was complimentary, thanking the original council signatories for their initiative 3 years ago, and challenging today's Council members to recognize that climate leadership can be leveraged to create economic stimulus and value for the whole community. 

Some notable signatories: 

#518, Reverend Louis Snead 

#433, Alejandro Escovedo 

#400, Reverend Ann Pittman 

#398, Reverend Stephen Kinney 

#284, Terry Allen 

#265, Turk Pipkin 

#171, Craig Hella Johnson 

#125, Sharon Stanberry Rosshirt 

#121, Brigid Shea 

#19, Bee Moorhead

See and sign the petition here!

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