Wildflower UU Offers Climate Classes

Wildflower Church, UU, has a 1st rate educational series on climate change, Sunday 1/26 -- Sun 2/23.

Leaders of Wildflower’s “WildEarth” climate
ministry with ClimateBuddies, 2013.

Climate Change classes
. The environmental and justice teams at Wildflower Church, UU, will be presenting a series on Climate Change Sunday evenings, Jan. 26 thru Feb. 23, open to anyone interested. This adult education class assumes students have a basic understanding of climate change and goes deeper into the issues. Classes include: presentations, short videos, discussions. There is no fee or registration required. Classes will be held at the Faith Presbyterian Church’s Fellowship Hall at 1314 E Oltorf St, in Austin.  

Class schedule:

Sunday, Jan 26
Class I
Brief Overview of impacts, basic science, politics, and solutions. A history and timeline of the climate change movement. Emerging religious views on climate change, including those of the UUA, Wildflower Church, and other Austin religious organizations. Sharing of personal interests, motivations, and activities.

Sunday, Feb 2
Class II:
Major Global Impacts, now and forecast. IPCC report and other breaking news re: ecological demise, social justice, quality of life, tipping points, and more.

Sunday, Feb 9
Class III: Social & Political Aspects. How leaders, media, and regular citizens are thinking (or avoiding) climate change; consideration of skeptical arguments and how public opinion is changing.

Sunday, Feb 16
Class IV
: Legal Issues and outlook. A brief review of history followed by a look at what’s happening in Austin, and in Texas, the USA, and internationally, and what we can expect on the legal front in the years ahead.

Sunday, Feb 23
Class V
: Solutions – the promise of renewables, carbon tax, success stories, policy changes, actions for individuals and congregations. Re: Austin’s coal plant and the Keystone XL pipeline.

Classes are Sunday evenings from 7:00pm to 8:30pm starting 1/26 and ending 2/23. 


Members of WildEarth join together to champion

clean energy, at City Hall, 2013.



Learn more about WildFlower Church’s WildEarth climate stewardship ministry here: http://wildflowerchurch.org/node/213




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