November, 2011

IEN Invites You To Our November, 2011 Symposium

7:00 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 2011


Highland Park Baptist Church

5206 Balcones Drive 

This month’s featured presenter, topic, and Q&A-  

Bob Murray (former CEO, Seattle Power & Light)

Joep Meijer (CEO, The Right Environment, Ltd.)

“The Energy Challenge: 
A Moral Imperative for Climate Change”

If you knew you had the chance to work on the biggest environmental problem humankind has ever faced and that there are ways to contribute to the solution – wouldn’t you want to do it?

Bob Murray and Joep Meijer are international environmental consultants committed to helping Austin’s faith-based communities address climate change in substantive ways. This presentation will clearly define ecological concerns related to climate change and begin to chart the course for ongoing, faith-based partnerships that curtail greenhouse gas emissions and implement solutions to the energy challenge. 

Presentation will include scientific citations, philosophical writings, and an open question and answer session. After this session’s open Q&A, climate buddies Murray and Meijer will offer those present an opportunity for getting involved in a faith-driven focus group that implements to the global energy challenges by making meaningful contributions on a local level. 

The Interfaith Environmental Network welcomes those in faith communities in Central Texas who are interested in linking religious values and spirituality with environmental stewardship concerns. Attendance is free.  

Murray and Meijer’s organization:

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