September, 2012


With Texans currently experiencing drought conditions not seen since the 1950s, the Dallas Morning News “Texas Faith Blog” asked the question, “Should We Pray for Rain?” The consensus from theologians and clergy alike was “yes!” 

Our traditions mandate not only words of prayer, but prayerful deeds, as well. What, then, can we do to preserve Texas rivers and conserve all our water resources?

Andy Sansom

Join us at 7pm on Tuesday, September 4th at Congregation Beth Israel as we discuss this topic. On that night we will welcome Andrew Sansom, Director of the River Systems Institute at Texas State University. One of Texas’ leading conservationists and an active member of Central Presbyterian Church, Andrew will talk with us about the state of water in Texas and we'll explore ways that Texans of faith can engage on this issue.

Andrew Sansom is one of Texas’ leading conservationists.  He is a former executive director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, executive director of the Texas Nature Conservancy, and founder of The Parks and Wildlife Foundation of Texas.  For his commitment to the management and protection of natural resources, Mr. Sansom also is a past recipient of the Chevron Conservation Award, The Chuck Yeager Award from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, The Pugsley Medal from the National Park Foundation, and the Seton Award from the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.  He is a Distinguished Alumnus of Texas Tech University and Austin College.

Under his leadership at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Mr. Sansom spearheaded a number of important programs, including creating the Parks and Wildlife Foundation of Texas, which funds a number of department programs through private donations.

Mr. Sansom, a native of Brazoria County, has dedicated his life to environmental conservation.  He has served on the board of trustees of the Texas Historical Foundation, Bat Conservation International, KLRU Public Television in Austin, and The National Audubon Society.  Sansom joined the staff of the National Recreation and Park Association in Washington, D.C. in 1969.  He served as environmental coordinator for the White House Conference on Youth; Special Assistant to Interior Secretary Rogers C.B. Morton; director of conservation education at the Federal Energy Administration; and deputy director of the Energy Institute at the University of Houston.

His published works have appeared in Texas Monthly, The Texas Observer, Houston City Magazine, Politics Today, Texas Highways, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and Texas Town & City.  His first book, Texas Lost, was photographed by Wyman Meinzer and published in November 1995.  His most recent book is Texas Past, photographed by Wyman Meinzer and published in November 1997.

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