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It is He who appointed you Khalifs (guardians) on this earth.

- Qur’an 6:165


This page from the Easily Understand Islam web site has an excellent introduction to Islam and the care of God's world.

Muslim Green Team is a DC-area organization with some good resource material on its web site.

Here's a YouTube interview with the Egyptian speaker and television personality Amr Khaled on the connections between environmental stewardship and contemporary Islam.  You can also download a PDF file of his Muslim Green Guide book called  "Muslim Green Guide to Reducing Climate Change."

The web site of the Islamic Foundation For Ecology and Environmental Studies in the UK contains a wealth of links and downloadable resources on what it calls "ECO Islam."

This article on the Syria Today web site has a profile of a "GreenSheikh" who has made environmental stewardship a focal point of his preaching.

With many thanks to our friend Ilana Alazzeh for her help!

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